Star Crushed Turquoise Filled Organic Sono Wood Double Flared Saddle Plugs

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Looking for something unique and beautiful for your stretched lobes? Check out our SoScene Star Crushed Turquoise Filled Organic Sono Wood Double Flared Saddle Plugs! They're organic, handmade, and absolutely stunning. Plus, they come in a pair so you can wear them symmetrically or mix and match.

Our SoScene ear plugs are filled with gorgeous star crushed turquoise, giving them an awesome sparkle. They're double flared for a comfortable fit, and they're made of organic sono wood. This means they're not only environmentally friendly but also super sturdy and lightweight.

And the best part? Our SoScene ear plugs always come with free shipping. Plus, when you buy 2 pairs you'll get a third pair free. So what are you waiting for? Grab our SoScene ear plugs before they're all gone!


Sono Wood is a great choice for ear gauges and other ear stretching jewelry. Sono Wood is a beautiful, natural material with a unique grain pattern. It's also very strong and durable, making it ideal for ear jewelry. Sono is perfect for people who want something different in their ear jewelry collection.


colors may vary depending on size and viewing device 

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