Turquoise Stone Plugs

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As far as organic stone ear plugs go turquoise is definitely near the top of the list concerning elegance. Aesthetically pleasing in every way, these Organic Turquoise Ear Gauges are a must have for anyone with style who also craves substance. Turquoise stone plays a major part in the decoration of world history and is particularly noted in Medieval Middle Eastern countries such as Turkey and Iran. However, it's most popular usage goes to the Southwest American Indian Tribes who used this beautiful stone for all types of jewelry and decoration. Available in sizes 4 Gauge - 1 inch you can now be a part of this rich heritage combo of classy and cool. 

SIZES: 6MM- 2 GAUGE , 8MM- 0 GAUGE , 10MM- 00 GAUGE , 12MM- 1/2 INCH, 14MM- 9/16, 16MM- 5/8, 19MM- 3/4 INCH, 22MM- 7/8 INCH, 25MM- 1 INCH.

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