Opalite Glass ear Plug gauges

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The milky and iridescent sheen of Opalite is one of the hottest trends in ear gauges going today! Highly sought after for it's smooth and modern look our Opalite Ear Plugs are flying off of the shelves at an unbelievable pace! Varying from slightly clear to full on cloudy the Opalite ear gauges give every wearer a unique look all unto themselves. Available in size 4 gauge - 1 inch ear plugs you can have this timeless look no matter what gauge you are rocking. Grab a pair today!

 All Plugs at are sold in pairs 

Opalite Ear Gauges

Opalite is a popular stone used in the making of beautiful, eye catching jewelry. The colors range from delicate clear to a smooth milky tint. The glow of this “Stone of Eternity” has an undeniably attractive luminous blue glow. The blue glow is intensified when worn with dark colored clothes.


A Serene Stone
Opalite stone plugs are modern and timeless. Opalite is an extremely energetic stone. It brings inner peace and serenity where needed. Opalite stone gauges free the spirit and bring fourth the true understanding of self.
This serene stone is great for one during times of transition, providing one with the strength to verbalize feelings. This iridescent stone can even be beneficial for business success. Opalite is also known as Opalized glass, Sea Opal, Tiffany Stone, and The Stone of Eternity. Opalite ear gauges offer a perfectly subtle yet stylish way to present a gauged ear lobe, no matter the gauge size!
High quality, original jewelry at an affordable price!

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