Wood Plugs With Blue Dome Druzy stone double saddle ear plugs

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Looking for something unique and stylish? Check out SoScene! Our wood plugs with blue dome Druzy stone double saddle plugs are perfect for making a statement. All of our ear plugs are sold in pairs, and we always offer free shipping. Plus, we have a special deal where you can buy two and get one free. So why not stock up? Support a USA company and shop at SoScene today!


Synthetic Druzy stone is a man-made material that imitates the appearance of natural Druzy stone. It is created by coating a base metal with a thin layer of synthetic resin, then adding a layer of sparkly glitter or powder. The result is a colorful and vibrant gemstone that resembles glittering sugar crystals. While synthetic Druzy stone is not as valuable as natural Druzy stone, it is an affordable alternative that is perfect for fashion jewelry and other applications. Whether you're looking for a dazzling statement piece or a simple accent to your outfit, synthetic Druzy stone is a great option.





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