Rose Quartz Organic Stone Ear Gauges (Pair)

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SoScene, the ultimate destination for stylish and trendy ear gauges. Our organic stone plugs are perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of luxury to their look. Rose quartz is the perfect stone for creating a subtle and sophisticated look. These double saddle ear gauges are perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement. They're also extremely comfortable and easy to wear. 

Rose quartz organic stone jewelry is a fun and affordable way to add a touch of luxury to your look. This type of jewelry is made from natural stones that are cut and polished into beautiful pieces. Rose quartz is a popular choice for organic stone jewelry because it is both durable and stunning.

 When shopping for rose quartz organic stone jewelry, it is important to keep in mind the quality of the stones. At SoScene we make sure that each ear plug have been cut and polished correctly so that they will fit comfortably.


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SIZES: 6MM 2 GAUGE ,8MM 0 GAUGE ,10MM 00 GAUGE , 12MM 1/2 INCH,14MM 9/16 ,16MM 5/8,18MM,20MM,22MM 7/8 INCH,25MM 1 INCH 

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