Organic Purple Natural Amethyst Stone Ear Gauges (Pair)

$7.99 - $9.99
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The beautiful stone Amysthest is comprised of a type of quartz that shines through in a lovely purple hue. Our Organic Natural Amethyst Stone Ear Gauges are cut from the finest deposits of Amethyst and will give you the touch of class and elegance that come with the color. A perfect gift for any of those February birthdays you know of these ear plugs are garaunteed to satisfy! Available in sizes 4g - 1inch they will not last long so get yours today!SIZES -5MM 4 GAUGE ,6MM 2 GAUGE ,8MM 0 GAUGE ,10MM 00 GAUGE , 12MM 1/2 INCH,14MM 9/16 ,16MM 5/8,18MM,20MM,22MM 7/8 INCH,25MM 1 INCH 

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