Blue Faceted glass Double Flared Saddle

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Looking for something a little different in your jewelry collection? Check out these amazing blue faceted glass double flared saddle plugs from SoScene. They're not only beautiful, but they're also extremely comfortable to wear. Plus, they're made of glass, so they'll last a lifetime. And, if you buy two items from SoScene, you'll get a third item free. That's an unbeatable deal! Plus, our customers have left us some amazing reviews. And, we offer free shipping on all orders. So don't wait any longer, head over to SoScene and pick up these stunning plugs today!

2 gauge, 0 GAUGE ,10MM 00 GAUGE , 12MM 1/2 INCH,14MM 9/16 ,16MM 5/8,19MM,22MM 7/8 INCH,25MM 1 INCH 

all items from soscene are sold in pairs 

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